I have been programming since I was six in BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20 with it’s fancy cassette tape drive. Then I moved on to an Apple IIc and Apple Pascal for a time. In college I continued on with Pascal and ADA. I started with Coldfusion to create sites for the furniture and textile manufacturing industries with Java, CSS, HTML, and Javascript thrown in. I have a worked with Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, and MYSQL for my entire career. I am currently a senior software engineer with MicroD Inc. enhancing and maintaining FurnishWEB.


Zoe is my 3 year old Australian Cattle dog mix who excels in jumping over/on things she should not, swimming, and moral support for solving difficult programming problems.


I used to be fairly good at Street Fighter 2+ growing up although my skills have deteriorated with age. I traveled Azeroth for a time and currently check out games of DOTA2 and League of Legends when I get bored.


Jeeps, Biking, Dog, Craft Beer, and Aquariums.