I’ve been working my way through learning the ins and outs of Railo over the last few months. So far I’m impressed, but still trying to figure out all the quirks.

Our sites use Fusebox and SES url’s and for some reason they would work on my EC2 instances and not on my laptop. If I searched for a solution most of the posts were old and pointed to .cfm/* and .cfc/* needing to be added to the /railo/etc/defaultweb.xml. It seems in the latest download these are already added. So that didn’t help me. I finally figured it out though. When I develop on my laptop I have all my webs in sub-folders under the main web root : http://localhost:8888/cfbuilder/site1/index.cfm/fuseaction/my.page/test/1 for example. The mappings only seem to work if the site is in the root.

So to get this to work you have to add:


It’s kind of a pain to add each site manually to the file, but it works. So I can’t complain too much.

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